March 19, 2009

Toshiba Qosmio gets major upgrade: Quad-core laptop from Toshiba!

Update: There are less than 5 Quad-core Qosmio laptops remaining! Order today if you don't want to wait!

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My Toshiba Qosmio is an awesome, unbelievably powerful laptop. With a subwoofer. It might not be the only one out there, but this one also happens to leave most desktops, and even many servers in the dust as far as power. And I just found out Toshiba is sneaking in an upgraded version of my trusty Qosmio: They made a quad-core laptop! Sure it's not the first, but it's definitely the one that makes the most sense. The Qosmio line is the pinnacle of performance - I have the old Q701 and it's still better than most laptops released today. Except, of course, the quad-core Qosmio...

You can buy the quad-core Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q720 now!

Most Qosmio's have:

  • 4 GB of DDR3 PC3-8500 (!) so I can have over 400 tabs in 40+ windows open (3 or 4 different browsers), while listening to music (on the subwoofer!), and the thing doesn't blink.

  • Mostly because of the 7200rpm Hard Drive that opens my documents and even does the silly AutoSearches quick.

  • 4 Speakers plus Subwoofer, Dolby Digital Surround Emulation that actually works!

The new Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q720 ups the ante by adding:

  • 2.0 Ghz Core2 Quad 9000 CPU for those who think instant coffee isn't fast enough

  • The GeForce 9800M GTS with 1GB GDDR3! HDMI output at 1080p.

It just blows me away that a laptop can do this. I thought I would have to immediately ditch Vista when I got this laptop, but I haven't had a single problem with it. Everything loads quickly, the search works, and yeah UAC is annoying but it's great for users who really don't know why they clicked there (and offers other protection), and most sysadmins know how to disable UAC on Vista anyway.

Everything about this laptop is great. The fact that it's very shiny is appealing, but the fact that the CD drive is in the front just makes sense, the amount of USB ports (5 USB + 1 eSATA) is impressive, the built-in multi-card reader is convenient, and the media strip is low profile and works well. The only negatives are the size and the fact that it only lasts about 2-3 hours on battery (pretty good for this much raw power). If you're looking at this laptop, you probably know this already. So just get it - do you really anticipate needing your laptop for more than an hour or two without a plug nearby? You won't find a better machine for games, system administration, CAD, or anything else for the price.

The two things that really surprised and impressed me about the Toshiba Qosmio were the lack of sound and heat. You see, when computers compute really fast, generally there are electronics wasting a lot of energy and outputting this as noise and heat; This computer runs nearly silent and runs much cooler than I expected, even when I do many things at once, which indicates some pretty serious attention to efficiency and stability. I honestly haven't gotten the thing to crash even though I probably should have.

Until somebody hands me a netbook with 2 Core i7's in it, this is the machine I will use to quickly navigate and process the vast seas of the Internet:

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