March 7, 2009

State of The Internet: 3.7.09

Here's what happened behind the scenes of The Internet recently, while you weren't looking. Yes, it's important.

IBM not so sure about open source anymore. Nobody has any money, of course they won't take our free products! Hope this doesn't keep up, or tech might have a "financial-style" rude awakening about the importance of customers vs. profit.

Microsoft will let you disable IE (only if you're absolutely sure) - no word on whether one day we can also disable "Slow", "Blue Screen" or Vista's trick of pinging the Department of Homeland Security. Move along, no glaring irony to see here.

Facebook a little red in the face after realizing that people aren't quite as dumb as they thought. Time to get a smarter lawyer. Or dumber customers.

Foreclosure scams on the rise. In other news, you probably won the lottery at least 4 times this week - go check your email! Make sure to write the tracking code "ID10T" legibly on the envelope containing all of your assets.

Britain printing paper money - good thing nobody remembers the time when money had to have something of value to back it

Managers buy out company instead of letting it go bankrupt. If only there were a group of people at GM, Bank of America, or Circuit City that had enough cash laying around to do something similar.... But clearly large companies haven't been paying their top people enough over the last several decades.

Company gives $9 million to its employees. Wait, I thought "The Economy" had all the money and that's why we can't have any? It really is just the scumbags at the top?

Schwarzenegger is still very sensible and intelligent - it's too bad everyone thinks he's just a big dumb jock.

We might have a shot at efficient solar cells after all. Realistically, the military will get exclusive use this technology so we can have invisible killing machines instead.

Microsoft is a little slow.That's ok, they have a lot of money, and it's their free country we live in so we all need to adjust to the lowest common denominator. Seems to be the norm these days.

These "scientists" are going to try to make a real live dinosaur. Want to guess who's money their using? And we all wonder why "The Economy" has collapsed (here's a hint - it's NOT the banks fault people can't read, make decisions, or do math)...

Please visit Fark if you want to survive the chaos. Remember - information is more powerful than greed, now we just need more people to have the first than the latter!

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  1. As the cited source for your comment that IBM is "not so sure about open source any more," I disagree. IBM has not wavered in its support of open-source. IBM continues to be the largest corporate contributor to Linux after Red Hat. IBM is still active in Apache and Eclipse, and IBM Research has made scores of contributions in the last few years.



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