March 17, 2009

Internet Privacy? Another Google EPIC Fail

If you were concerned about Google and your Internet privacy after hearing about the doubleclick dart cookie (aka adsense tracking cookie), the doubleclick spyware, or the fact that Google AdSense may include popups, please sit down and remain calm. Oh, and delete your Gmail account.

The privacy group EPIC asked the FTC to investigate Google for their privacy practices on the cloud, among other things.
I hate to say it, but I told you so - it is extremely difficult to have privacy and security on the cloud.

UPDATE: Here is a link that explains this better: Privacy activist asks FTC to halt Google apps.

And the government likes Google - all your data are belong to Google.

Hmmm... Just noticed this isn't the first Google Epic Fail this year, either. Marking all search results as malware for an hour. Good one.

Enjoy your cookies!

Nothing further.


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